Keeping your muscles under tension while lifting weights.

The significance of knowing the amount of time your muscles spend under tension in your workout.

Tracking your time during each exercise is more accurate than simply reaching a specific set of reps. Being accurate will help you reach your goals and see your progress clearly.

Staying in the appropriate time ranges mentioned below allows the body to work anaerobically vs aerobically.
Anaerobic exercise will increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Simply put, spending your time in the gym doing 100 reps at a lighter weight vs less reps at a heavier weight within a specific timeframe is more likely to lead to overuse or injury.

Getting to your fatigue threshold safely and efficiently just makes sense! 

Time Ranges.

Ideal timing for Upper Body exercises is between :50-1:15. 
Ideal timing for Lower Body exercises is between 1:30-2:00.

Double Progression.

When employing this technique, overload is accomplished by two means: Increasing the resistance that you use and/or the repetitions that you do in comparison to a previous workout.

Without imposing greater demands, there won’t be any compensatory adaptation because your muscles will literally have no reason to get stronger.