Our Staff

Diana Del Garbino

Owner, Professional Personal Trainer / Golf Fitness Instructor


  • Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Level 3, Titleist Performance Institute
  • FMS (Functional Movement Systems) Certified, Level 2
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)
  • AED/CPR certified

Education: Chapman University, Southern California

Interests: Martial arts, triathlons, golf, cooking

What attracted you to be a part of Muscles in Motion? Muscles in Motion opened in June 2007 with busy people in mind. We understand there are lots of ways to workout, and lots of ways to get results, but I wanted a place where everyone could get a great workout, have incredible results, but not have to compromise their joints, spine, knees, etc. With our Muscles in Motion methods, which are based on science/biomechanics, we know that we will have you feeling wonderfully strong in a short amount of time.

What kind of contribution do you feel like you’re making to people’s health?  Just look at any of our clients and you can see the difference. Some are playing more golf, some are playing better, some are carrying their own luggage for the first time in years, others have more energy, some are helio-skiing, dancing and playing better basketball & golf. What they all have in common is enjoying a higher quality of life.

What personal goal for the future do you want to share with us? As an owner, I want to provide jobs to those in the community. When you meet our staff you’ll see service-minded people who put the clients first. We are proud of our team members from the Front Desk Associates, to our Personal Trainers. Come in for a workout and you’ll see it too.

Patrick Long

Strength Coach / Professional Personal Trainer


  • American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Council on Exercise Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
  • Functional Movement Systems, Level 1

Interests: Sports, including martial arts, running, obstacle course races and football (GO SEAHAWKS!). I also enjoy music and reading, and most of all, spending time with my family.

What attracted you to work at MIM? When I was beginning my career in the field of Personal Training, I figured I would have to “learn the ropes” at a large box gym, and work my way up to somewhere that placed its value on the importance of the client, not the price the client pays. I was blown away from my very first interactions with MIM. The customer service alone made me know this was the place I had to be, and as I continued to learn about strength training, I knew this was the right fit. I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to start my career at the place where I had originally hoped to end up.

What kind of contribution do you feel you’re making to people’s health? The more I’ve learned about strength training, the more I realize that everyone should be doing it in their own capacity. I’ve learned that there are no non-responders to this style of training. As such, I’m driven by the notion that I am helping people live the lives they desire, and feel healthy doing it. Wether its people looking to prepare or recover from a surgery, setting an athletic goal they never thought they’d achieve, or age gracefully and feel better in their busy daily lives as parents or grandparents, I’m inspired by the opportunity to be of service.

What personal goal for the future do you want to share with us? I want to continue to learn about the field of Health and Fitness so I can continue to aid people in their own journey of well being.

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Kelsey Linn

Strength Coach / Professional Personal Trainer


  • B.S. Exercise Science from Western Oregon University
  • American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

Interests: Outside of the gym I like getting outside and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest by hiking or paddle boarding. I enjoy doing arts & crafts such as macrame and calligraphy. I love watching sporting events or a good show on Netflix. I like to cook and try new restaurants and wineries. Lastly, I enjoy spending time with family, my boyfriend Michael and our pitbull DeBo.

What attracted you to work at MIM? What attracted me to Muscles in Motion is the emphasis on making people stronger. Since the first time I participated in a workout at MIM I knew that it was effective and I was hooked, this specific and organized approach to resistance training is unmatched. I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing team of friendly and intelligent trainers and staff.

What kind of contribution do you feel you’re making to people’s health? At muscles in motion I feel like I am contributing to the health of our members by consistently encouraging them, holding them accountable, educating them on what their body is doing and why, pushing them to their limits physically and mentally, preventing injuries and tracking improvements in strength.

What personal goal for the future do you want to share with us? My personal goal for my future at MIM is to help as many people as possible get really strong! I have fell in love with resistance training and felt the positive effects of it and I want to spread that passion to everyone else so they can reach their goals and live a healthier lifestyle. I will do this by continuing to learn and dive into research about fitness and High Intensity Training.

Stefania Feltre


  • Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist (2014) – Swedish/Deep tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, MFR
  • Education: Economics Bachelor Degree (1990)
  • Oregon School of Massage (2014)

Interests: Yoga, Travel, Politics

What attracted you to work at MIM: It’s the perfect setting for the type of bodywork I like to do, which is more focused on the therapeutic benefits of massage. Plus I love the positive attitude of all the people that work and workout here!

What kind of contribution do you feel like you’re making to people’s health? Through massage, I’m focusing on addressing postural imbalances, muscles tightness, joints restrictions as well as stress reduction, relaxation, and pain relief

What personal goal for the future do you want to share with us? I would like to see my business grow and I’d like to add more “tools” to my workbox to be able to help my clients in more effective and diversified ways.