Proper Breathing is essential during your workout!

Think of breathing as part of good form during your workout. 

Why does it matter?

Using proper breathing techniques ensure adequate amounts of oxygen and iron are getting to your blood, muscles and brain. 

The #1 mistake most often made in the gym is to hold your breath when things get tough. It may feel like it’s helping to give every ounce of effort but it can actually be quite dangerous! 

What can happen?

Holding your breath while working out, especially during high intensity exercise can potentially produce what is called the valsalva effect. This happens due to a sharp rise in blood pressure because a person is holding their breath, followed by a sudden drop in blood pressure.

How should you breathe when exercising?

Practice steady, deep inhales with sharp, quick exhales.
>>> Exhale as you raise the weights, then inhale as you’re lowering.
For example: When doing a push-up, inhale as you lower to the floor, and exhale when you press yourself up. 

You may also try the Nasal Breathing technique— experts are learning that breathing through the mouth may not be as efficient or effective as breathing through the nose. Continue to read this article from the Washington Post.