The value of Progress Reports

After every 20 sessions at Muscles in Motion, you will have an assessment.
The assessment includes a 1:1 conversation with a Personal Trainer to gather information regarding how your body feels, taking note of any changes or improvements you may be experiencing.

You will have an opportunity to create a S.M.A.R.T goal for yourself. Having a goal is a great motivator and will increase your ability to hold yourself accountable in the future.

The workout portion of your assessment includes the same 5 exercises each time. Your 1st assessment becomes your baseline, each one after that will continue to show your progress.

A copy of your progress report will be emailed to you after your assessment with detailed notes from your trainer! If you are someone who enjoys visually seeing your progress over time, the progress report will be a handy tool!

Personalizing your experience.

Your feedback allows us to create a workout that will specifically help you reach your goals, bringing purpose to each session & giving you the biggest bang for your investment!

Your assessment is NOT a test.

Think of your assessment as a snapshot of your overall progress. Your progress report is an accurate tool used to see where you are on your fitness journey.

You will not fail an assessment, it is NOT a test!

One last thing.

Your assessment is as much for your trainer as it is for you!
Your workouts are a team effort — sharing feedback about how you are feeling and what your expectations are will provide clarity to ensure you get the most from your time.