What is YOUR max?

Do you ever feel like the weights are so heavy that you couldn’t imagine being able to lift another pound and wondering if you’ve reached your maximum lifting potential?

You’re not alone.

That’s the idea when using High Intensity Training protocols! Your trainer uses their expertise to help you find your maximum strength on each machine. Spoiler alert, it should never feel “easy breezy”. 

Continuing to making progress.

While training at Muscles in Motion, you should expect the weights & time of each exercise to continue to increase over time. As this happens, the muscle fibers will continue to grow and strengthen allowing you to come back to your workouts with a bit more strength and overall endurance!

One last thing.

With this being said, as long as you are giving 100% effort during your workouts while using proper form & breathing techniques and nourishing your body with the appropriate amounts of food, water & sleep, you should continue to see improvements in strength!