Have you struggled to maintain a workout routine in the past?

The word accountability is one of the most frequently used by prospective clients when they arrive at Muscles in Motion for their free consultation. It is a common struggle for most people when referring to the gym. 

n our experience, we find it works best to set a recurring workout schedule whenever possible! This helps you set the tone for your time and schedule any future appointments around your workouts instead of trying to carve out time for exercise… we all know how easy it is skip a workout when given the choice! 

Maintaining a scheduled appointment/commitment to a personal trainer is another great motivator that helps hold you accountable to your workouts. We believe the presence of a trainer can provide encouragement and inspiration, showing you your true capabilities and allowing you to work your hardest and give your best effort.

Want to learn more? Check out this article in the International Journal of Exercise Science.

Client Testimonial:

Having a trainer that is skilled in the use of an effective weight training method is invaluable. Having an appointment each week motivates me to regularly exercise. Having someone who tracks my progress for me is a great privilege, and it keeps me going.” -Tom