Workout out to prevent and alleviate back pain

Did you know- Worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability, preventing many people from engaging in work as well as other everyday activities?

What causes low back pain?

The muscles of the back play an important role in stabilizing the spine, when these muscles sense an imbalance of improper use, they tighten to protect the structure of the spine. This tightness can lead to pain and limited range of motion. 

How can you get relief from back pain?

The best way to relieve this tension is to help those muscles realize that the spine is no longer in a compromised situation.

Muscles in Motion Low Back Protocol:

Gently increases the circulation and blood flow to the affected area. By slowly moving the musculature near and around the low back we can safely help you increase the range of motion and break the signal of tension.

  1. Using a roller, Hyper Volt massage tool or manual compression to locate the area of tension.
  2. Begin slow controlled movements with exercises like “Open Books” & Pelvic Tilt”
  3. Light weight machine work on the Row, Chest Press, Pulldown & Low Back.

You may be tempted to take it easy or rest when you experience back pain however, we have seen the best results come from slow, controlled movement. 

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