Momentary Muscular Failure (MMF) is the primary goal during each exercise!

As you know, giving 100% effort or maximum intensity is what gets you to your fatigue threshold.

Reaching MMF is the physiological point in which all of your muscle fibers have been recruited and depleted. This process creates a reaction in the body that encourages repair and growth.

What this means- The next time you are up against a similar situation your muscles will have made the necessary adaptions and be strong enough to handle it!

Building Muscle & Strength-

The way the body builds muscle is by lifting more weight than it can handle.

We overload the muscle so that it will adapt by growing more and bigger muscle fibers (to help handle that added weight).

The ultimate form of overload is to train to momentary muscle failure, which recruits the maximum number of motor units and muscle fibers.

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Muscle Fibers-

There are two types of skeletal muscle fibers:

1. Fast-twitch
2. Slow-twitch

Slow-twitch fibers are small and weak but have good endurance. Think long distance running.

Fast-twitch fibers are large and powerful but have poor endurance. Think sprinting or powerlifting.

? If you push yourself all the way to failure, all the available fibers will be recruited.

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