The Value of Supervision in the Gym

Have you ever walked into a gym and felt so overwhelmed you turned around and walked back out? ?

Not only are there a lot of machines, bands & dumbbells to choose from at the gym…

There is also a lot of pressure to learn how to use them properly.

How much weight to start with? How to know which seat setting is right for you? ?

? Building strength shouldn’t be a struggle, everyone deserves to be strong and healthy!
Form, Technique, and Breathing During Exercise. 

90% of gym members are not exercising with proper technique, good form, or correct breathing. 

Why do these things matter?

?️ Efficiency
?️ Quality 
?️ Safety

Using momentum, moving too quickly or dropping the weight is not only inefficient, it is unsafe!

Lifting weights with improper form is only going to make you better at having improper form!

Lastly, holding your breath is dangerous and does not allow for sufficient oxygen to reach your muscles!

Effective Workout Plans.

This is an important factor in your personal training program. 

A personal trainer should know how to effectively design a workout plan so you don’t waste your time, you get the most for your money and you enjoy each session while getting results. 

Plans that take into consideration of Injury Prevention/ Rehabilitation:

Common scenario- You finish a physical therapy program and are instructed to continue your fitness journey, but you don’t know how? 

A personal trainer knows human anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. At MIM, we understand muscle tissue recovery and progression training, to prevent further injury, damage to joints, and ligaments. 

Injuries can regress if you are not following the right exercise routine!

More variety and techniques in your workouts.

? Finishers: A finisher is an advanced workout technique that involves intense bursts of strength exercises performed at the end of your regular workout. These techniques are meant to more fully exhaust your muscles.

? Forced Reps: Basically, forced reps are done after you have run out of steam on a set. At this point, the trainer will pick up the necessary slack, lifting an ever-growing percentage of each remaining rep for you and allowing you to complete the set.

? Negative Only: (Also known as eccentric training) often involves having a trainer aid in the lifting of weight (the concentric movement) and stabilizes you as you lower the weight on your own (the eccentric movement).

This brings us back to the value of supervision-

for just $58 you can have the BEST 30-minute workout in Lake Oswego supervised by the BEST personal trainers!

• We setup each machine to your specific needs.
• We guide you through every minute of every exercise to ensure you are using proper form, breathing and technique.
• We record the weight, tempo and order of exercises completed each workout.

Strength training is NOT a sport. Exercise is designed to IMPROVE your physiology, not degrade it.