Creating workouts that are personalized to your body

Everyone has their own journey in life, it usually consists of ups and downs. If you are like me, when you are “up” you feel strong, confident and healthy! When you’re “down” you feel weak, sore and kind of stuck. At Muscles in Motion, our 30-minute World Class Workouts are personalized for you, your body and all of your ups & downs.

We use a positive approach to support you in your workouts and encourage you to make the most out of your time in the gym. Why? So you can go out in the world and do all the things you enjoy and love while feeling strong and confident.

But what about when you aren’t feeling very 100%? Maybe you have a kink in your neck from sleeping wrong. Maybe your low back is sore from working in the garden all day. Perhaps you have an injury or are recovering from a surgery… this is when the knowledge of a professional trainer comes in to personalize your workout.

How? With techniques, methods, machines & bands.
That’s right, our trainers can find solutions & create substitutions to avoid aggravating injuries and strengthen imbalances!  

This is IMPORTANT to remember—
Maintaining movement, range of motion and strength is key to recovery.

In most cases, limiting physical activity is not necessary. 
You can & should focus on using the other areas of your body to avoid over compensation. You can do that by working unilaterally, isolaterally & ipsilaterally! 


Movement is happening in the upper quadrant of the body only, the lower body quadrant is not helping.

This is a helpful adaption to your workout if you have an injury or issue with one hand, arm, foot or leg. Allowing you to continue training while adjusting the weights and range of motion accordingly per side.

Example: Chest Press- client is using both arms in the exercise however, the trainer has adjusted the weights on either side to accommodate her needs. 


Iso, meaning only one. 

Isolating the muscles in a way that prevents the stronger side from helping the weaker side.
This is a great option if you have a muscular imbalance that you are trying to reduce!

Example: Iso-Lateral Leg Press- client is ONLY using one leg in the exercise to increase the strength of the weaker leg.


Performing a movement or an exercise using just one side of the body.
This is perfect if you are training for a rotational activity like tennis or golf!

Example: Calf Raise with weight in the hand of the same side performing the exercise. (all the work is being performed by the right side of the body)