When it comes to High Intensity Training, less is more.

There are several advantages to working out 2x per week with High Intensity Training:
1. Optimal rest and recovery
2. A reduced risk of overtraining or injury
3. More time & energy for other activities

The Ideal Workout Routine:
Two 30-Minute High Intensity workouts per week with 48-72 hours of rest & recovery between the sessions.
Optimal muscle recovery after resistance exercise is just as critical as the exercise program itself, if not more so.

When it comes to High Intensity Training, less is more.
What we mean is, commit to giving 100% of your effort during each exercise twice per week, that’s it!

Challenge yourself inside the gym, pushing your muscles to momentary muscular failure and then allow your body time to recover & make the necessary adaptions to grow/repair!

Building a Foundation of Strength.
As you build up your strength, flexibility, and endurance, your body is able to handle more stress. You are able adjust to the strains of the physical activity. Without consistency, however, your body will not be able to adjust efficiently to prevent strains from turning into injuries.