How do we become experts in guiding you through a 30-Minute World Class Workout?

At Muscles in Motion, each Personal Trainer goes through an intense training program in our MIM University. 

They get the opportunity to work with our lead trainers to learn the ins and outs of our equipment and how to properly guide someone through an exercise correctly. Key factors to providing a World Class Workout: 

Appropriate intensity

Incredible attention to form and technique

Adherence to a slow movement speed

Proper application of biomechanics to each exercise

Purposeful positive feedback to reinforce desirable actions

The most rewarding part of our job as Personal Trainers is guiding clients safely to Momentary Muscular Failure. This is where our expertise is utilized, with how to perform the exercise with control, proper breathing, pacing, perfect technique and to a deep level of muscular fatigue.

As you begin to fatigue, our coaching and teaching become absolutely NECESSARY to help as the above factors start to break down.

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