The key to healthier, happier employees.

Exercise increases energy levels, combats stress, battles fatigue and improves general well-being.

These benefits will make employees happier and more energized and therefore more effective and efficient at all tasks in life, especially work.

Fitness Lowers Healthcare Costs

It’s a fact: healthy employees cost less than unhealthy employees. Recent studies by the University of Michigan, for instance, show that employers who emphasize fitness can save an average of: $1,100 a year for every employee who stops smoking, $1,200 a year on employees who lower their cholesterol levels from 240 mg to 190 mg and $177 a year for each worker who sheds enough pounds to move from obesity (more than 30 pounds overweight) to a healthy weight.

Less Absenteeism

It makes sense that healthier workers miss fewer days of work. For example, within six years after creating an employee health and well-being department, the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, reported that lost work days had declined by 80 percent and modified-duty days by 64 percent. When calculated by multiplying the reduction in lost work days by average pay rates the Center’s cost savings totaled $1.5 million.

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