The key to making changes to your body composition is your intensity level!

Intensity is one of the most important elements of your workout. 

When you workout at a sufficient intensity, your body grows stronger and you’ll see changes in your weight, body fat percentage, endurance, and strength.

Consistent control during the entire exercise is key to getting to your fatigue threshold.

Control looks like:
? Raising the weight slowly
? Pausing momentarily
? Changing directions slowly
? Lowering the weight slowly
? Moving through full ROM
? Avoiding leveraging your body

Be sure to listen to the feedback given during the exercise.

Your trainer is giving you the necessary feedback to get you to your fatigue threshold.

In order to get to that place safely, you have to maintain control, proper breathing, form and technique. 

Your trainer is watching for all of these pieces while you push through the burn and giving you queues to guide you to the path of momentary muscular fatigue.

Lastly, moving quickly in between exercises helps to keep your intensity level up.

By moving quickly to the next exercise in your workout, you:

? Keep your heart rate elevated.
? Increase the number of calories burned both during and after your workout.
? Are able to complete more exercises in a 30-minute workout.