Community Connection

Community and connection are important to us!

That’s why we make an effort to offer all kinds of ways to connect, learn and share.

Choose what works best for you:

1. Contact with us directly via phone, text or email
2. Gain knowledge from the educational videos on our YouTube channel
3. Read our weekly teaching focus on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
4. Ask questions, go behind the scenes with MIM staff and get notified about updates & important changes immediately in our private Muscles in Motion group page on Facebook
5. Send a message directly to any trainer via this link: Contact Your Trainer 

Getting fitness facts NOT trends!

As a MIM member, you are also connected with some of the most incredible leaders in the fitness & healthcare industry.

Our World Class Personal Trainers are constantly reviewing research articles written by scientists from around the world, they are working with healthcare professionals to learn the best way to collaborate and work together, and are attending conferences & weekly meetings to stay connected and up-to-date.