Muscles in Motion is on a mission to serve busy professionals and share our passion for the life-changing benefits of strength training.

We truly believe each and every person deserves to live their best life!

Your story could be here, see what our client testimonials say!

Friendly & Professional

“Muscles in Motion is a place where friendly, professional people help you improve your fitness.” -Gary C

You see and feel the results!

“It’s professional, small and personal. Workouts are tough and challenging. You see and feel the results. Anybody who is intimidated by a big gym or has a hard time motivating themselves to exercise this is the ideal gym.” -Dick T

Feeling confident with MIM’s safety measures!

“I am completely confident with the safety measures MIM has put in place since reopening on June 1. I am thrilled to back training in the studio!” -Gina M

Making sure everyone is safe during the pandemic

“With this pandemic they’ve done everything possible to make sure everyone is protected and safe” -Cherie

This style of training makes sense..

“I workout at MIM because it makes sense to me to get my strength training done in 30 mins! I hate hour long sweat sessions.” -Julie

Amazing Approach!

“The science based approach is something I haven’t encountered in my 20+ years of being a fitness client.” -Scott

MIM has helped me both physically and mentally

MIM has helped me both physically and mentally.  Trainers encourage you to always try your hardest and do your best even when its painful and you feel like you want to give up. -Julie R.

Virtual Training offers guidance and support

The sessions offer an important level of guidance and support that help me feel confident I’m doing the right exercises right. -Cindy R

Highly Recommended Virtual Training

I would recommend the virtual workouts for everyone. -Andy H.

Virtual Training in 30-Minutes!

I have really enjoyed my workouts with Ryan. He has been creative with the exercises, using the equipment I have on hand, and I am thoroughly fatigued when done.

I had plenty of space for a Virtual Workout!

The virtual workout worked really well!
I wasn’t sure if I would have enough space in my apartment but I had plenty for the exercises we did. -Brittni R.

I am amazed at how much stronger I’ve gotten

I’m amazed at how much stronger I’ve gotten and how quickly it’s happened!
-Tenley C.

The perfect place to pursue such a personal journey

I could not of found a more perfect place to pursue such a personal & important journey for me than MIM!
-Cindy R.

What a difference

Changed my outlook from what I can’t do, to what I am able to do!
Lynne C.

Improved my strength and body composition

Not only has MIM helped me improve my strength and body composition but also my confidence & perseverance!
Jarrod J.

A consistently positive experience

A consistently positive experience working with Muscles in Motion trainers. These professionals stay up-to-date with current research about fitness. Their skills allow them to personalize a training program for each client, taking into account present and then improving physical abilities and desired goals. Highly recommend. The best antidote to age-related decline.
Judith B.

I first did a body analysis on their cool machine, that was worth it alone

I love the personal training at Muscles in Motion. I was able to do a free initial training session to get a feel for what they do. I first did a body analysis on their cool machine, that was worth it alone. Then we went to the workout. It was the best 30min workout I’ve every had, every effective!
Tony R.

Work-outs are tough but effective

I love Muscles in Motion! I think the work-outs are tough but effective, and Diana is a delightful, knowledgeable & positive trainer. I also do yoga, Pilates, NIA, and other exercise, but I would drop something else before I crossed MIM off my schedule! Great place!
Frances M.

Have driven us both to be healthier and in better shape

Muscles and Motion has been a great benefit to both my wife and myself. The personal attention and friendships created there have driven us both to be healthier and in better shape. I highly suggest anyone looking to be healthier and stronger to call and make an appointment.
Fred S.

At age 50 I said “ENOUGH!.. It is time!

I “tried” to discipline myself to work out on my own for decades, dabbling at best.

After multiple injuries, that let me to P.T., I paid more in medical that I would’ve ever invested in having a preventative, supportive and knowledgeable personal trainer.

At age 50 I said “ENOUGH!.. It is time!..” I expect to get 100 years out of my body, and wanted the second half of my life to just be better. Within a few months I could not only feel the difference and see the changes in my body, but my perspective shifted in MANY ways.

There’s an African proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. I am not ready to “go” and clearly, with what I’ve learned and gained by working with several of Diana’s trainers – I expect to see a few triple-digit birthdays!

They’re fun, their knowledgeable and consciousness as they push me to go further than I have EVER gone on my own.

Brian G.

Top Notch Trainers

As a client: Top notch trainers who help me reach my health goals every step of the way. I know I can push myself safely under their watch. I get an efficient and effective workout every time.
As a referring health care provider: This a unique personal training studio I highly recommend to my patients who ask about what they should be doing to exercise. This place sets the standard! Highly recommended.

Larry B.

Helped Guide Me To Find Myself!

“I love these guys. I do (and would) all the way across town to train with them! I highly recommend Diana and her team to anyone looking for exceptional personal training.”

Jeanette F.

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