Internship Program

Our core purpose is to “MAKE PEOPLE STRONG.”

We specialize in low-impact strength training that is safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels. Our highly trained, certified personal trainers have worked individually with clients to help them maximize results using the scientifically-based “Muscles in Motion Method” since 2007. 

The goal of MIM’s internship program is to provide undergraduate students interested in the field with a learning experience that involves studying, teaching, and implementing the scientific methods of high-intensity strength training. The program provides students with the first-hand experience in the structure, policies, and procedures of a successful independent business in the field. It also allows for an opportunity to ask questions, discuss, and implement an evidenced-based approach. 

The internship program is offered in the Spring and Fall.

The Spring program runs February-April and the Fall program runs September-November. The program can offer approximately 45-50 hrs of curriculum or 1 college credit worth of field experience.


-Students majoring in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Sports Science, or related field

-Currently holding and 3.0 GPA or higher

-Must be a Junior or Senior by credit standing

Application Process:

Fall program application review begins August 1st. Spring program application review begins January 2nd.

Materials needed:


-Cover letter, Explaining a little more about yourself, what you are looking to do with your degree, and why you are well suited for the internship.

-One reference of a current or previous professor you have had within the major (provide their email)

Please submit a resume and cover letter below