– Strength Coach / Professional Personal Trainer


  • A.C.S.M. Certified Strength Coach
  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • AED/CPR certified
Interests: Running, Soccer (Juventus), and Basketball (Trail Blazers). I also enjoy listening to podcasts, and watching Netflix comedy specials.

What attracted you to work at MIM? Coming out of college with an Exercise Science degree, I wanted to be able to work at a company that allowed me to not only apply my knowledge, but also continue to increase it. At Muscles in Motion, I was really impressed with the emphasis on evidence based workouts, as well as the focus on developing relationships with the clients. I could not think of a better place to start my career in this industry because although I am done with school, this company makes me strive to learn more.

What kind of contributions do you feel you’re making to people’s health? In my opinion there are few things more satisfying than progress. Our bodies are incredibly sophisticated machines, often, however, we do not treat them as such, and as a result we leave behind a lot of unlocked potential. At Muscles in Motion, we strive to make small incremental changes that in the long run amount to huge progress. Guiding people through that journey, and being there to encourage them to push beyond what they think they are capable of is not only the biggest contribution I can make to their health, but it also a great privilege.
What personal goal for the future do you want to share with us? The biggest goal I have currently is to further my education with a doctorate degree in chiropractic care. That’s a little ways down the road though, and who knows what life has in store!

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