Get Real Results with the Muscles in Motion Method

Maximize your workouts and reach your fitness goals with Muscles in Motion’s revolutionary 30-Minute Total Body Workout.

Effective Fitness Programs for Busy Lifestyles.

Scientific studies have proven that this innovative workout program is the quickest – and longest-lasting – way to transform your body by increasing muscle mass, decreasing body fat, improving cardiovascular fitness and strengthening joints.

People on the go love the fast results they see with Muscles in Motion’s 30-minute total body workouts and state-of-the-art exercise and testing equipment.

State-of-the-Art Technology to Track your Fitness Progress

Your progress to fitness is monitored with the InBody520 Professional Body Composition Analysis monitor. The InBody measures fat, muscle mass, inter- and extracellular water levels, and breaks down the results by body segment. These results pinpoint the exact areas in need of improvement. Muscles in Motion is proud to be one of the only gyms and personal training facilities in Oregon to offer this level of state-of-the-art fitness monitoring equipment.

$50 per Assessment or $120 for a package of 3

Our Personal Training Services Include:

1-on-1 Personal Training

Our one-on-one 30-minute world class workouts have been created using science based protocols to ensure safey and efficiency. Our trainers will help motivate you and track your progress using the Muscles in Motion Proven Process!

Start with a FREE 60-Minute Real Results Consultation

$45-53 per session on our monthly auto-pay program

1x per week- $212 monthly, 2x per week $400 monthly

PLEASE NOTE: Our in studio 1-ON-1 and Group training sessions are currently unavailable due to Covid-19 and will be available once we can safely open the studio again.


Using ZOOM, online video communication connects one Personal Trainer with one client for a 30 minute virtual workout anywhere. $37 per session

Start with a FREE 45-Minute Virtual Consultation & Workout (New Clients Only)

Already a MIM member? Begin scheduling your Virtual Online Training Session now! CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

Small Group Training

With one trainer and up to 3 clients, our Group Training offers a fun and affordable choice for getting the supervision and motivation you need to get healthy and fit. Come join the fun!

$35-37 per session 

1x per week- $148 monthly, 2x per week $280 monthly

Adult Golf Fitness

Don’t let common swing faults, lack of flexibility or poor balance throw off your golf game! Instead let our customized Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness instructors create a golf specific workout for you. This program will have you hitting farther and with less pain in no time.

Eighteen customized 45-minute sessions $1,854/person, $103 per session.

Massage Therapy

Massage can be a powerful ally in your healthcare and the benefits are doubly effective if taken in regular “doses.”
Star Bene Therapeutic Massage, LLC, located within Muscles in Motion, offers relaxation, deep tissue and hot stone massage.

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